Bus Transfers To and From Balikpapan Airport

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Balikpapan Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Several bus operators serve the metro going to various destinations and nearby areas. They are accessible at designated bus stops in town.

Redbus is one transport bus that caters to passengers traveling to other towns, such as Samarinda, Sangatta, Simpang Bontang, Apt Pranoto Airport, and Tenggarong.

However, there are no public buses inside the metro. Buses in Balikpapan are smaller than the regular buses. They are called minibusses or locally known as Angkutan Kota or Angkot for short.

Angkutan Kota serves public transport between points. Although there are dedicated routes, they often de-route due to passenger requests. They also sometimes serve only part of the route.

The color of the minibusses determines their routes.

Typical routes are as follows:

  • White top/Orange bottom (Route 1): between Kampung Baru Ujung and Terminal Batu Ampar
  • White top/Light Green bottom (Route 2A): between Terminal Damai and Terminal Batu Ampar through Ring Road (possible de route to Balikpapan Baru housing and or Damai III area)
  • White top/Gray bottom (Route 2B): between Balikpapan Baru and Jalan A Yani through Jalan AMD
  • White top/Light Blue base (Route 3): between Terminal Batu Ampar and Pelabuhan Semayang through Klandasan
  • White top/Yellow bottom (Route 5): between Kampung Baru Ujung and Terminal Damai through A. Yani
  • White top/Dark Blue bottom (Route 6): between Kampung Baru Ujung and Terminal Damai through Pelabuhan Semayang
  • White top/Green base (Route 7): between Terminal Damai and Gunung Tembak
  • White top/Light Yellow bottom (Route 9): between Terminal Batu Ampar and KM 24 to Samarinda

Meanwhile, Trans Sabargita is the bus operator authorized to transport guests from Balikpapan Airport to the town center and vice versa.

Kangoro minibus is also available at the airport for special transportation to Samarinda.

For further details, an available bus counter is open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

A booking counter is available for bus fare details at the airport's Arrivals Exit.