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Balikpapan Airport Transfers

Balikpapan Airport offers several ground transfer services for all its passenger guests. Car Rentals, Taxis, Buses, Rideshares, and Hotel Shuttles have access to the airport. They are available at the ground transportation center facility. Guests are advised to secure their belongings before leaving or boarding the aircraft.

Rental Cars at Balikpapan Airport

Renting a car at Balikpapan Airport is among the best choices for traveling. To achieve convenience and comfort for tourists, a family, or a group, rent a vehicle that will make their trip enjoyable and hassle-free.

Renters should be above 25 years old, with the necessary documents to submit before renting a car. However, renters under 25 years old should confirm with the rental agency for extra charges. It is also recommended that every renter read their chosen car rental company's terms and conditions.

In the airport, Car rentals are considered special transportation. Renters may hire an expert driver or self-drive if they have the necessary documents, such as an international driver's license. It allows every renter to travel on their own.

Rental fees vary depending on the type of vehicle and duration of rent.

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Taxi Services at Balikpapan Airport

Taxis in Balikpapan use a fixed fare rate system depending on the location of passengers. Airport taxis operate from the terminal; a fixed fare depends on the destination. To arrange a taxi from the airport to the city center, contact one of the taxi operators or travel agents at a counter at the airport.

Taxi services are authorized to serve all passenger guests, the Aerocab, and Primkopau operators. A taxi rank is conveniently located outside the Arrivals Area. Taxis are available at the airport 24/7.

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Train Services at Balikpapan Airport

The train is the fastest transportation a traveler may take. However, Balikpapan needs a railway network. Therefore, train transfer is impossible in the area.

However, there are also other transfer options in Balikpapan, such as buses, shared taxis, and shuttles.

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Bus Services at Balikpapan Airport

Several bus companies serve the metro going out to various destinations and nearby areas. They are accessible at designated bus stops in town.

However, Trans Sabargita is the bus operator authorized to transport guests from Balikpapan Airport to the town center and vice versa.

Kangoro minibus is also available at the airport for special transportation to Samarinda.

For further details, an available bus counter is open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

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Hotel Shuttle Services at Balikpapan Airport

Passenger guests at Balikpapan Airport have the right to choose the convenience of taking a hotel shuttle service to and from the mentioned facility. However, guests should confirm their hotel booking and reserve a shuttle service before their flight schedule for a convenient trip.

Besides the Hotel Shuttles, the airport also offers an Airport Shuttle service for interested guests.

Hotel Shuttles can pick up and drop off their guests at the ground transportation center of Balikpapan Airport. They are comfortable and have much more space than the usual private cars.

Hotel shuttle service fees may vary depending on your destination. Therefore, we recommend guests inquire about their hotel shuttle fees to compare the prices with other transport service options.

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Rideshare Services at Balikpapan Airport

Rideshare vehicles nowadays are significantly a standard mode of transportation everywhere you go. You can easily take your rides with one tap on your smart devices. They are safe and very much convenient too.

It is also locally known as Carpooling. This is one of the most affordable transfer services in the area, as it reduces each passenger's travel expenses.

One of the rideshare vehicles in Balikpapan is called an Angkot. It is a shared taxi. A mode of transport that falls between a taxicab and a bus.

These hire vehicles are usually smaller than buses. They take passengers on a set or semi-fixed route without schedules but leave the terminal or stop area when all seats are occupied. They may also stop anywhere to pick up or drop off passengers. These vehicles are often found in developing nations. These share taxis range from four-seat cars to minibusses and are often owner-operated.

When taking rideshares, passengers must also consider bringing only a piece of luggage or two before booking one. This mode of transportation is perfect for solo travelers or backpackers.

Rideshare services can pick up and drop off passengers at Balikpapan Airport. Book your preferred rideshare service through your rideshare app on your smartphone.

Parking Services at Balikpapan Airport

A parking building with five floors at Balikpapan Airport is provided for every guest with a vehicle. The multi-level parking area is located on the north wing of the passenger terminal. It has expansive floor areas, enough for over a thousand cars.

Parking rates vary depending on the vehicle type and duration of stay.

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